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Hachihana’s Misedashi

Between the flowers and willows...

Our most recent performance (at Totnes Civic Hall’s New Year Celebrations) My memories of Hachihana’s Misedashi debut resurfaced in my mind. The reason for this was that for New Year… and for the Ozashiki party coming up on the 17th of this month.. we wear our most formal kimono. This year Hachihana will be celebrating a year of being a maiko by giving up her dangling kanzashi and painting both lips..
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It was a busy Ozashiki 🙂 As we set up for it we also prepared for her Misedashi ceremony which was similar to the Sisterhood ceremony we held when she got her Geimei (art name).
20       23    Obasan prepared the area as I helped my little sister adjust to her upcoming evening and responsibilities. Then we sat, with an audience of Shikomi, Minarai and helpers, and reflected on what Hachihana’s art life has been…

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