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An ending…

A moving experience.

Between the flowers and willows...

After the main Ozashiki the guests for the evening started to file out and wend their ways home as our regulars stayed behind for the private ceremony that is the (literal) end to Sakkou.

Those who had the special invitations I sent out had come to witness the end of my time as Maiko and celebrate the Geisha I was ready to become. I was very nervous and went to the back room to prepare to be presented and perform my last dance as Maiko, Kurokami.

When everything had calmed down (including me) and I knew the celebratory sparkling sake and cups were set out ready I was announced by Hachisaru, who thanked those present for supporting the development of the Maiko who was about to perform. I danced Kurokami.. trying to maintain my presence of mind, sinking my awareness into each moment and it’s bodily representation of the lyrics in…

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